Folkestone Art Society, Book Signing

9th of September 2017 was the Folkestone Art Societys` book signing. It was held at Waterstones (Folkestone), where the FAS book “Folkestone Through Artists’ Eyes” can be purchased at the price of £19.95. The book can also be bought through any member of the Committee.

The book provides an illustrated guide to Folkestone, viewed through artists eyes, with a brief history of the town. It is lavishly illustrated in full colour with artworks and cartoons by members of the Folkestone Art Society, depicting local landmarks and events.

Title: “Folkestone Through Artists’ Eyes”

Publisher. Folkestone Art Society (2017)

Editor: Chris Harman

ISBN 9780995562004



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At the book signing, from left to right: Graham Gordon, Sue Brelade, John Sussams and Chris Harman.