Submission Form and Submission Details

FAS Spring Exhibition May 2019

(Scroll to the bottom of the page for the submission form link or click here. Submissions for this exhibition will close midnight on 12th May 2019)

General Submission Arrangements and Terms and Conditions of Entry

Venue: St Mary and St Eanswythe’s Church, the Bayle, Folkestone 

Handing in day: Thursday 23rd May 2019 from 12 midday to 4pm

(please note there is a Church service in the morning so members are asked not to arrive early)

 Member Collection day: Saturday 1st June 2019  from 4pm to 6pm

Entries: Up to 4 paintings/sculptures and 4 browsers per member submitting

All artworks to be for sale

Close of Entries: 12th May 2019 (midnight)

Submission Fees –  Paintings and Sculptures £5 per artwork

Browsers – £1 each

(Details on how to pay submission fees will be included in your confirmation of submission email)

Size Limitation: Due to space at the venue no paintings over 4ft diagonally (122cm) will be accepted (except by invitation only).

 (Acceptance of installations will be assessed on an individual basis and subject to space –  please speak to the Exhibition Organiser).

Commission: 20% on all sales for those volunteering to steward/exempt. 40% on all sales for those not volunteering for stewarding. The commission charge and submission fees help to cover the costs of the exhibition and support the charitable work of the FAS.

Other Terms and Conditions.:

Watercolour, pastels, drawings and etchings to be glazed and framed.

Oils and acrylics to be dry and in, or on, a frame: e.g. box section canvas.

Box section canvases to be finished with a neat painted edge.

Label on back or string label, stating artist name, picture title and price.

Mirror plates to be fixed

No clip frames, photographs or prints (except Giclee prints as browsers) will be accepted.

Browsers should be submitted in a mount or on hard backing and in a clear plastic sleeve.

The minimum sale price for a painting/sculpture is £45.

The minimum sale price for a browser is £25.

It is the artist’s responsibility to respect copyright laws.

Please note that limitations on space may mean larger works are not hung.

The committee reserves the right to reject or include, at its sole discretion, any work and/or to apply selection criteria if over-subscribed. FAS has Public Liability insurance only. We cannot accept any liability for loss, theft or damage of/to artworks. All submissions are at the artists own risk. The committee reserves the right to vary or alter these terms and conditions in the light of practical requirements and/or the requirements of the venue.

Those exhibiting must be current paid-up Members of the FAS.



(Note: If you are using a tablet or mobile device to complete the form, please use it in ‘portrait’ mode as the form may not display fully if  you use it in landscape.  If you are filling out multiple submission forms you must close and re-open your browser after completing each form. If you have a problem seeing all the fields, you may find it helpful to clear your browser cache before completing the form.)